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The Ultimate Guide to storing wine at home

Wine collectors are always looking for ways to store their wines to preserve them for a longer time. In this article, we will explore some ways to store wine and tools to keep your wine at its best.

1) Wine cellar

A wine cellar is a room or space where you can store your wines at a constant temperature and humidity level. Wine cellars are typically built underground, as they provide the most stable environment for storing wine.

Wine cellars have been in use for thousands of years and were originally used to store wine before it was sold. They were often built into the ground to keep them cool in warmer climates. In cooler climates, however, it was necessary to keep them above ground for easier access.

2) Wine cabinet

A wine cabinet can be used as an alternative to a wine cellar if you don't have enough space or money for it. The main difference between them is that the temperature and humidity levels are not regulated in a wine cabinet, so you need to monitor them more carefully.

A wine cabinet is a small storage device that you can use to store your wine. It is not as expensive or as big as a wine cellar. A wine cabinet can be used for storing all types of wines, but it's not recommended for storing white wines, which need to be stored in a cool environment.

3) Wine thermometer

You need one of these to store your bottled wines at the proper temperature and humidity levels.

There are a lot of factors that affect the quality of wine, but the most important one is temperature. The ideal temperature for storing wine is between 50 and 55 degrees Fahrenheit.

4) Follow Franklin’s Rules of wine storage

Rule 1: Keep your wines in a cool, dark place.

Rule 2: Don’t store wine near any strong-smelling foods.

Rule 3: Keep your wine bottle away from a place that has large temperature changes (like near an oven or radiator)

Rule 4: Store bottles horizontally to prevent cork damage and oxidation of the wine.

Bonus: Amphorae

Looking for an old school wine storage solution? Check out an Amphorae. They were the ancient world’s standardized way to transport wine. The Greeks and Romans used them to trade wine all over the world. The word amphora is derived from the Greek word for “vessel” or “container.” They were often clay pots with a long neck to stop the wine sloshing around and oxidising during transport a similar design feature can still be seen in wine bottles today. Amphorae were designed to be airtight, with a long neck and a flat base to prevent tipping. It could hold as much liquid as it needed to be filled with wine or oil.

Amphorae often had handles on the long neck and they were not designed to be carried by hand. They were transported using a pole, or with a horse and cart. They were usually just one clay jar which was sealed shut with mud or cork and decorated with scenes of peacock feathers, or a stylized sun. Notice any similarities with today's modern wine bottles?

Article by George Empringham-Green - GreenBeeIT

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Remember to monitor the storage conditions of your wine, as Franklin's rules remind you, to enjoy its taste for a long time! By the way, you can make a cool video with wine if you use it VHS capture. It's simply simple and effective.

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